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Metroid Prime



One of the most daring characters in video game history is back and primed to battle the legendary Space Pirates in Nintendo’s stunning first-person epic Metroid Prime. Samus must thread through wreckage, elude spark-spewing power lines and blast scuttling creatures before descending to even greater challenges on the mysterious planet below. Adding a unique third-person twist is the morph ball. At the touch of a button, Samus rolls up into a ball to activate switches, navigate cramped passages and access tough-to-reach areas. Far richer and deeper than a typical first-person game, Metroid Prime immerses adventurous players in a beautifully realised struggle for the future of the universe.


  • Adventure game
  • 1st- and 3rd-person-perspective action
  • Roll up into a ball to negotiate tight spots
  • Old-school weapons like the grapple beam, wave beam, and the free beam
  • For 1 player

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